APR B6 A4 1.8T K04 Turbo Upgrade


APR is now proud to release our K04 upgrade kit for the B6 Audi A4 1.8T. Our kit includes the K04 turbo, the compressor inlet O-ring, three turbo to downpipe studs, one manifold to turbo gasket, four Bosch fuel injectors, and one turbo to cat gasket. This kit is a straightfoward turbo swap that makes a big difference in the power output of the car.

This kit makes solid gains in both horsepower and torque. With no other mods than an APR Exhaust, the kit made 247hp/286lb-ft on 98 octane fuel. Although the exhaust is not required, it is highly recommended.

If you are currently an APR Stage I/I+ or II/II+ customer and purchase a K04 upgrade, you will receive all EMCS options for free.

The software for this kit is also available separately.

Dyno Performance

APR K04 Turbo Upgrade Including Software
Year Engine Option Part Number Price Exc VAT Price Inc VAT  
2002 - 2005 1.8T With Injectors T2100003 £2322.50 £2787.00
2002 - 2005 1.8T Without Injectors T2100004 £2079.66 £2495.59
Pricing - Software Only
Stage Minimum Requirements Price Exc VAT Price Inc VAT  
- Availability and ECU Compatibility: Stages, programs, and features may not be available for all ECUs.
- ECU Revision Notice: Multiple ECU revisions exist for each platform. APR software may be temporarily unavailable when factory updates are applied. An APR dealer can check availability in person, or over the phone if the ECU boxcode/revision is known.
APR KO4-001 ECU Upgrade (Existing APR ECU Upgrade Customer) OEM K04-0015 Turbocharger, APR Injectors, and High Flow Cat £0.00Please Call
APR KO4-001 ECU Upgrade (New APR ECU Upgrade Customer) OEM K04-0015 Turbocharger, APR Injectors, and High Flow Cat £0.00Please Call

Motul Oil, Coolant and Oil Filter


To learn more about Motul, visit our Motul Portal

Part of the APR Turbocharger System install process requires removal of the OEM Turbocharger. During this process, oil and coolant must be drained and should be replaced to offer superior performance and protection. The APR Turbocharger Systems are now complete turn key solutions, including everything you need down to the oil, coolant and oil filter. During checkout you'll be given the option between Motul Specific 502.00, 505.00 & 505.01 5W40 or Motul Power 300V engine oil as well as Motul Inugel Optimal Ultra Coolant and an OEM oil filter. The Premium Motul lubricant package is included at a much lower than retail price point and the costs are listed below.

Motul Oil, Coolant and Oil Filter Options
Description Part Number Price
Please Locate an APR Importer for Motul Package Details

How to purchase

APR DealerPlease use the APR Dealer Locater Tool to locate an APR Dealer, confirm availability and schedule an appointment.

Please note vehicle manufacturers issue many ECU part numbers and revisions throughout their vehicle lineup. As such, some ECUs may be temporarily unavailable as new parts and/or revisions are released. If the vehicle’s ECU part number and revision is known, availability can be checked at any APR Dealer.

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