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APR’s Big Brake Upgrade is an ultra-durable, feature-packed solution specifically tailored to each vehicle. The brakes provide outstanding stopping-power at an affordable price and are targeted towards a wide operating range such as normal or spirited street driving, track days and HPDE events. The system handily out-brakes, out-lasts, and out-performs other systems on the market, including much larger and heavier setups such as the factory standard RS3/TTRS brakes!

Each system includes six-piston billet-aluminum calipers, floating two-piece discs with weight-saving aluminum hats, stainless-steel braided-Teflon lines, billet-aluminum mounting brackets, brake pads, all necessary mounting hardware, and a host of other features making this a full-featured braking system at an incredible value. Lastly, replacement pads and rings are readily available at an affordable price.

Quick Facts

  • Large six-piston, billet-aluminum calipers (red or black)
  • 350x34mm curved-vane floating 2-piece rotors with aluminum hats
  • Billet-aluminum caliper mounting brackets
  • Stainless-steel braided-Teflon brake lines
  • Street/track brake pads
  • FEA optimized calipers for maximum strength and rigidity
  • 3.6 LBS lighter than the factory MK7 Golf R system
  • Extreme UV & temperature resistant European anodizing dyes
  • Hand-polished, mirror-finished, hard-anodized aluminum pistons
  • Ultra-high temperature pressure and wiper seals
  • Stainless-steel hardware for long-term durability
  • Seamless CuNi fluid crossover tubes for maximum corrosion / vibration resistance
  • Pad pre-tensioning system designed to reduce brake noise / squeal
  • Maximum Temperature Recording (MTR) devices on calipers and rotors
  • Laser etched logos

No braking system is complete without the appropriate brake pad compound. APR brakes include a high-performance street pad that is also suitable for light track-sessions. They are designed to deliver strong braking performance across a wide temperature range yet are conservative for disc wear. The pad’s co-efficient of friction delivers reduced stopping distances and improved fade resistance compared to most factory compounds. The material exhibits a slightly rising torque curve through a single braking application causing the brakes to feel positive, but not overly aggressive, during initial engagement. This further results in gradually increased friction levels during the braking cycle, making the compound perfect for the grip associated with high performance street tires during medium to hard brake applications. Lastly, the pads feature a thermal under-layer between the friction material and pad backing plate, which slows heat transfer to the caliper pistons and seals, reducing brake fluid degradation and caliper damage.

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Application Guide
Vehicle Fitment
Size Red Brakes Black Brakes
Part Price Exc. VAT Price Inc. VAT   Part Price Exc. VAT Price Inc. VAT  
Audi A3 (typ 8V / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00001 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00002 £2576.67 £3092.00
Audi S3 (typ 8V / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00003 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00004 £2576.67 £3092.00
Audi TT (typ 8S / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00001 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00002 £2576.67 £3092.00
Audi TTS (typ 8S / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00003 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00004 £2576.67 £3092.00
Seat Leon (typ 5F / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00001 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00002 £2576.67 £3092.00
Seat Leon Cupra (typ 5F / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00003 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00004 £2576.67 £3092.00
Skoda Octavia 1.8T (typ 5E / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00001 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00002 £2576.67 £3092.00
Skoda Octavia RS / VRS (typ 5E / MK3) PDF 350x34mm BRK00003 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00004 £2576.67 £3092.00
Golf / GTI / Sportwagen / Alltrack (typ 5G / MK7) PDF 350x34mm BRK00001 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00002 £2576.67 £3092.00
Golf R / Clubsport / GTI w/ PP Brakes (typ 5G / MK7) PDF 350x34mm BRK00003 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00004 £2576.67 £3092.00
Golf R (typ 5K / MK6) PDF 350x34mm BRK00012 £2576.67 £3092.00 BRK00013 £2576.67 £3092.00
Replacement Parts
Part Photo Part Number Price Exc. VAT Price Inc. VAT  
Replacement Pads (Set of 4) Photo BRK00005Contact a dealer
Replacement Discs and Hardware (Set of 2) Photo BRK00006Contact a dealer

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